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And shepherds we shall be For Thee,
my Lord,
for Thee Power hath descended from Thy hand
That our feet may swiftly carry out Thy command
So we shall flow a river forth to Thee
And teeming with souls shall it ever be
In nomine Patris,
et Filii,
et Spiritus Sancti

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Sinners - once again an upmarching guild in the history of Olympa

Skinny Admin, Jun 25, 11 6:11 PM.
After a quick and good start in the early days of Sinners, we have had our down period,
last 2 months were in thema of afking, retirements and holydays (of which i know more of you will have and it's no problem).
After being able to recover some of my original houres I used to spend in Tibia, it realy AMAZED me to see you guys responding on my activity,
and slowly... but progressive once again form a active, trustworthy guild who realy STAND for each other.

As we all know by now we have a new home, the guildhall Edron Academy (north, east tower) is avaible for everyone in the guild!
There I have an stock with: shovels, ropes, runes, blancs, worms, ropes, rods, food, food, food, xD for your comfort in-game, and it's public useage.
I will decorate the guildhouse with ice cubes on every tile (I love blue xD) and changed all beds to blue etc etc.
I think Sinners is the first guild yet, with this decoration value and public guild that respectfully treats each others posessions...

This, I envy.

Sinners I hail you,
written in blood

Sander Shatter

Sinners - Draw of new Blood

Skinny Admin, May 25, 11 7:59 AM.
Dear members, I know our attendance has been low the last period.
Therefor I have started a new campaign to increase the guild's capicity.
We will recruit new members to fill up the guildchat and participate in our events.
The new events are already on the calendar and as usual people can prupose events to me aswell.

I will be checking who is loyal to the guildchat and who is not, it's a rule to have it open and inactivity and not sharing the social experience can lead up to a guild-removal.

As last I want to add that it has been great to walk around in our digital world again and I hope t osee you all together online very soon to take some serious shit down!

Signed in Blood

Sander Shatter

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Name: Sinners
Ranks: Level Based
Additude: We chose for more 'evil' names which you have to earn in ranks.
Requirement: Level 90~ + Being Active (also in GC) and participate in guild activities!
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